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Management Team

Full Professor in the area of Telematics Engineering at the University of Mlaga. He has led more than 30 national and international projects, the majority in collaboration with companies. His areas of interest include the Next Generation Internet, software in 5G networks and methods for software reliability. He is in charge of the ITIS Software testing laboratory for mobile communications.

Assistant Director

Full Professor in the area of Computer Languages and Systems, Department of Languages and Computer Sciences at the University of Mlaga , with more than 25 years of experience as a teacher in the area of databases and related areas. His areas of interest are Semantic Middleware; Semantic Web, Semantic Integration of Data and Applications and Extensions of Databases with Formal Semantics.
Associate Professor in the area of Computer Languages and Systems at the Department of Computer Languages and Sciences of the University of Málaga. His main areas of interest are Software Product Lines, Highly Variable Systems Modeling and Analysis and Sustainable Software Development, mainly applied to the development of applications for the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems.