The UMA Institute of Technology and Software Engineering coordinates the first meetings of the 5G+Tactile project funded by the NextGeneration recovery funds

The consortium of the 5G+Tactile research project “Deterministic communications for Touch Internet on B5G with digital twins” held its first meetings between 27 September and 6 October 2023. The project aims to make improvements in the 5G network and its application in different use cases in the province of Malaga in the areas of connected and autonomous car, citizen safety and precision agriculture. NextGeneration funds that, within the University of Malaga, finance five subprojects led by UMA professors Pedro Merino Gómez, María del Mar Gallardo Melgarejo, Manuel Díaz Rodríguez, José Francisco Aldana Montes, Almudena Díaz Zayas and Rodrigo Román Castro, all researchers of the Institute of Technology and Software Engineering “José María Troya Linero” (ITIS).

The project is a transfer activity, whose consortium is also composed of leading companies and institutes in the field of 5G and its applications, such as HeadNet, Keysight Technologies, Nemergent, Telefonica I+D, Nokia, Telefonica Seguridad, Alisys, Dekra, Omtech, Telefonica España and the Subtropical and Mediterranean Horticultural Institute (IHSM CSIC – UMA).

The first plenary meeting was held on 28 September in the Ada Byron Research Building, where the ITIS is based, with the participation by videoconference of Mr. Matías González, Secretary General of Telecommunications and Planning of Audiovisual Communication Services, who presented the status of the UNICO program to enhance national research in 5G and 6G.

Intervención Matias

In addition to these days of presentation of all the activities of the companies, technical meetings and visits to the facilities of the La Mayora farm, the test track of Dekra in the PTA and the private network 5G in the center of Malaga are taking place to advance in use cases.

The consortium plans to hold public demonstrations of the results in March, June and September 2024. The results will be made public on the project website (

Visita La Mayora