Enrique Alba appointed Senior National Expert at the European Research Council Executive Agency

The Professor of the UMA and member of the Institute of Technology and Software Engineering, Dr. Enrique Alba, has recently been appointed National Expert in the Executive Agency of the European Research Council (ERC) in Brussels. Since September, Dr. Alba will participate in the management of the different projects that the ERC finances each year in its starting, consolidator, advanced and synergy grants (plus proof of concept, POC).

These projects have an average duration of five years, and an amount allocated of around 2 million euros each (up to 10 million to synergy), thus allowing researchers around the world to launch the best ideas in different disciplines, which puts Europe at the forefront of results that have resulted, for example, in some of the vaccines for protection against the coronavirus, and many other results in artificial intelligence, physics, chemistry, social sciences and life sciences.

Professor Alba will be at ERC for at least two years, thus encouraging the participation of the UMA in European institutions, a work that ITIS has also been doing successfully since its foundation.