The ITIS, selected in the call for the elaboration of Annual Transfer Plans of the AEDT

The Institute of Technology and Software Engineering “José María Troya Linero” has been one of the proposals chosen in the call for the elaboration of Annual Transfer Plans within the framework of the Strategic Action on Dynamization of Transfer.

Promoted by the OTRI, this call is addressed to Groups and Research Institutes of the University of Malaga. This is a pilot project in which the results of the work carried out by the Community + OTRI are implemented.

The objectives of the EMCDDA include the intention to change the way in which transfer processes are perceived and developed, as well as to revitalise the local Innovation Ecosystem through various multidimensional actions involving its different agents: research units, innovative companies, social institutions and dynamic agents.

The meetings between members of OTRI and the Institute have already begun, thus establishing the first actions to be carried out during the year, in which the attendance is the Transfer 2022 Forum, in which the ITIS will have its own stand and participate in the demo area.

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Resolución selección proyectos AEDT