The Master in “Advanced Analytics on Big Data” celebrates its graduation and award ceremony

Last Friday, June 16, the Graduation Ceremony of the Master in “Advanced Analytics on Big Data” of the University of Malaga was held. The event took place in the Assembly Hall of the Ada Byron Research Building and the titles were given to students of the last four editions.

Cartel graduación Master en Advanced Analytics on Big Data

Ernesto Pimentel, Vice Chancellor of Studies, and José F. Aldana, Co-director of the Master and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Transfer, were responsible for opening the event. Pimentel emphasized in his speech that “the success of this Master was to have companies to determine the training needs in the field of Big Data and define a model of the curriculum that is an example for the rest of Own Degrees”. For his part, José F. Aldana highlighted the importance of students generate networks of contact with their peers and the University.


The event continued with a speech by María del Mar Roldán, Co-Director and Professor of the Master, followed by interventions by former students of the same, who told their experience studying these studies and their introduction to the labor market. Also presented was the creation of an Alumni Association to create close contact between participants of the different editions. Finally, the titles were given to the students.


The Master, which is already in its seventh edition, changed its name to “Master of lifelong training in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence” and already has more than 100 graduates.

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