The MORSE Research Group participates in the BroadWay European project

The MORSE Research Group participates in the BroadWay European project

BroadWay is an innovative project that seeks to define the next generation of broadband communication systems for public safety agencies in Europe.

This project works to take cross-border cooperation between first responders and public safety organizations to a new level. It aims to establish a pan-European, interoperable mobile broadband system for public protection and disaster relief users, with the highest standards of safety and reliability. This includes the testing of a mission-critical broadband communication network across Europe for police, rescue groups and firefighters, enabling them to communicate at any time, regardless of their geographical location, which helps to enable closer collaboration and save lives when disasters strike.

The University of Malaga is present in this project through the MORSE Research Group, belonging to ITIS and led by Pedro Merino and María del Mar Gallardo. Here was the first live demonstration of the prototype developed. This prototype is based on an implementation of telecommunications industry standards and an optimized orchestration for national PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) networks. It includes new ways for public safety first responders to access and share information from anywhere, with guaranteed confidence in the safety, availability and continuity of their services. The demonstration was completed with a complex use case scenario in which a large simulated forest fire was extinguished on the Spanish-French border.

The BroadWay Group of Procurers includes 11 ministries and currently provides mobile communications services to 1.4 million first aid teams across Europe.

More information about the project is available at the following link