ITIS researchers organize the XIII International Conference on Intelligence Swarm

From 2 to 4 November the ANTS 2022 is held in the city of Malaga, this conference takes place for the first time at the University of Malaga, organized by professors José Manuel García Nieto and Manuel López-Ibañez of the Institute of Technology and Software Engineering of the UMA, offering a forum for researchers in swarm intelligence, in which they present their latest research and discuss current developments and applications.


This discipline deals with the study of the processes of self-organization, both in nature and in artificial systems. The ethology and animal behavior researchers have proposed a series of models to explain interesting aspects of collective behaviors, such as coordination, generation of forms and decision making. Recently, algorithms and artificial intelligence methods inspired by these models have been proposed to solve difficult problems in many areas. These include the optimization of ant colonies (Ant Colony Optimization) and the optimization of particle swarms (Particle Swam Optimization), focused respectively on discrete and continuous optimization problems. Another field of techniques derived from swarm intelligence is swarm robotics, which focuses on designing collaborative multi-robot systems that show high degrees of robustness and scalability.


This edition, which is housed in the Rectorate building, has the participation of more than 60 researchers from 15 different countries, including personalities of global relevance such as professors Marco Dorigo (IRIDIA, Free University of Brussels) and Andries Engelbrecht (University of Stellenbosch).

You can learn more about the event at the following links: